This AI-generated death metal video featuring a demonic Homer Simpson is total nightmare fuel

Hellish AI Homer Simpson
(Image credit: YouTube/Lars Von Retreiver)

Oh AI, what have you done? Not content with potentially making real-life musicians redundant by recreating their songs in computer form, you’ve now muscled in on music videos, taking it upon yourself to make weird and unsettling promo clips for songs that, frankly, didn’t need them.

Case in point: this frankly terrifying AI-generated clip for Cannibal Corpse’s death metal classic Hammer Smashed Face which takes lovable cartoon dad and all round doofus king Homer Simpsons and places him in all manner of utterly horrific hellscapes.

We can’t begin to imagine keywords YouTuber Lars Von Retriever, the real-life carbon-based unit behind the clip, typed into the Skynet mainframe to generate this minute-and-a-half blast of pure nightmare fuel, but the results are seriously messing with our heads.

Homer with brains for eyes? Check. A demonic Homer rising from a pit of bloody entrails? Check. Homer with his face melting off? Check. The decapitated head of Ned Flanders lying bleeding on the floor. Yep, though actually we’re down with that one…

Check out the full disturbing clip below and make our AI overlords happy.

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