Hammerfall trail Hector’s Hymn


Hammerfall have issued a preview video for their album (r)Evolution, which features a clip of the track Hector’s Hymn.

The full video for the song will launch on August 22, but the band tease a snippet in the third trailer for the new album, which launches across Europe on August 29 and in the US on September 2.

The Swedish band took a creative break last year, but returned with the single Bushido last month – a track the group say is one of their “strongest efforts” to date.

Bushido captures the essence of Hammerfall as much as any song we’ve written,” says guitarist Oscar Dronjak. “It’s one of the strongest efforts from our camp ever and is filled with energy, hunger and pure adrenaline.”

®Evolution tracklist

  1. Hector’s Hymn

  2. ®Evolution

  3. Bushido

  4. Live Life Loud

  5. Ex Inferis

  6. We Won’t Back Down

  7. Winter Is Coming

  8. Origins

  9. Tainted Metal

  10. Evil Incarnate

  11. Wildfire