Gösta Berlings Saga release video for new single Konkret Musik

Gösta Berlings Saga
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Swedish instrumental proggers Gösta Berlings Saga have released a video for their new single Konkret Musik. It's the title track of the band's upcoming album which will be released through InsideOut Music on July 24. You can watch the video below.

"Being partly a play of words with the term 'Musique concrète' - a compositional tradition of modifying recorded sounds to create new sound identities - the album title Konkret Musik also reflects that this album is our most direct and tangible collection of music so far with its short, focused and to-the-point songs that together creates a collage of expressions," the band explain. 

"This energetic title track represents this directness fully in its explosiveness and denseness with its layers of melodies, sounds and whirling textures. It’s concrete enough for Karaoke and with a sound identity that helps build the ever-expanding collage of Gösta Berlings Saga."

Recorded, mixed and produced by Daniel Fagerström (Viagra Boys, Skull Defekts, Nina Kinert) and Anton Sundell (Tonbruket, Ane Brun) at Studio Bruket and Magix Playground, Konkret Musik will be available as digital album, as limited digipak CD and as 180g vinyl with the entire album on CD as bonus. Next to the black vinyl version, there will also be limited coloured vinyl runs in tansparent magenta (limited to a 100 from IOM Webshop) and transparent sun yellow (limited to 200 from the band).

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Gösta Berlings Saga

(Image credit: InsideOut Music)

Gösta Berlings Saga: Konkret Music
1. Släpad
2. Vinsta guldklocka
3. Basement Traps
4. Close to Home
5. Konkret Musik
6. Closing Borders
7. To Never Return
8. Instrument VI
9. The Pugilist
10. A Fucking Good Man
11. Förbifart Stockholm
12. A Question of Currency 

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