Go behind the scenes of Slipknot's The Devil In I video


Directed by Clown, Slipknot’s first official video from new album .5: The Gray Chapter got a lot of fans talking due to its violent nature and depiction of death. Here we find out why.

Talking exclusively on Slipknot’s YouTube channel, Shawn Crahan reveals the idea behind_ The Devil In I_ is to become one with your past devils then to do away with them. As such the various members of Slipknot are killed in different but significant ways – Sid Wilson eats his own hands and fingers so he can no longer DJ, Chris Fehn (who has a genuine fear of birds) chose to be eaten alive by crows and Corey Taylor chose to have his head explode.

Find out why these decisions were made and more in the video below.

Watch the official video for The Devil In I and read our full analysis.