Days Between Stations launch debut video


Days Between Stations have released a video for their track The Man Who Died Two Times, featuring lead vocals by XTC's Colin Moulding.

It appears on their second album In Extremis, launched last year, which also features Tony Levin, Billy Sherwood, the late Peter Banks and others.

The follow-up to 2007’s self-titled debut is their first to feature vocals and lyrics. Guitarist Sepand Samzadeh last year said Moulding’s input had been key, explaining: “A negative aspect of having vocals is that the mind mainly focuses on the rhythm and lyrical content and often constrains the music. We wanted a healthy marriage between the two.”

Artist Paul Whitehead, who created the album artwork, plays a leading role in the promo. Samzadeh says: “This was our first video, and since we haven’t toured yet it’s our first visual exposure. It exposes more of our quirky and dorky side – our other pieces are deep, long and moody. To me it felt like we were all kids again playing a game at recess.”