Citizen Cain’s Bell offers Christmas gifts


Stewart Bell of Citizen Cain has offered three solo tracks and an ebook for free as a Christmas gift to fans.

The opening pieces from his debut album The Antechamber Of Being Part 1 can be downloaded from the band’s website.

Released in October, it’s described as a prog opera based on his childhood dreams, and features guest appearances from Arjen Lucassen, Mekah Mhairi Comrie and others. The free tracks Decoherence, A World Without Limits and Projections add up to over 30 minutes of music.

Also available is the PDF version of his storybook The Cupboard Of Fear, written and illustrated by the composer.

Bell recently explained his work was inspired by his experiences as a “lifelong lucid dreamer,” adding: “It follows the adventures of a young boy as he masters the ability to control his dreams and chronicles the key events in his life – the weird synchronicities and profound questions that arise when one grows up loving in the twin worlds of dream and reality.”

The Antechamber Of Being Part 1 tracklist

  1. Decoherence (available free)

  2. A World Without Limits (available free)

  3. Projections (available free)

  4. The Breach

  5. The Antechamber Of Being

  6. Convergence

  7. Full Circle