blanket release video for new single Where The Light Takes Us

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Prog Award-nominated post-rockers blanket have released a video for a brand new single Where The Light Takes Us which you can watch the new video below.

At the same time the Blackpool quartet have announced they will release their second album, Modern Escapism through Music For Nations Records on September 10. You can see the new album artwork and tracklisting below.

“Modern Escapism is the culmination of three years of writing and creativity," says signer Bobby Pook. "This record has been the one consistent aspect of our lives amidst all manners of life-changing milestones and even a pandemic. We are so happy to finally release this into the world and to observe people react to what we have created.”

 “It's about the obsession that we have with other people's lives and how that’s pushed down our throats through social media," explains guitarist Simon Morgan. "People document every single facet of their lives and put it up on display in exchange for little dopamine hits when someone 'likes' something or comments on a post. Everyone's living such a public life and everyone can see what everyone else is doing all the time… it's a strange time we live in.” 

To celebrate the release of  Modern Escapism,  blanket will perform the album in full in what will be the ideal pictorial accompaniment to experience this record in its most complete and cinematic form. With Through The Glass, blanket will curate a visual representation of the main themes encapsulated in the new record, the voyeuristic nature of what modern escapism is.

“We don't really fit in with the post-rock people, we don't really fit in with the math rock people, we don't really fit in with the metal crowd but I like that," adds Pook. "If we don't fit into any of those cliques, then we’ve found our own thing. This album that we have now has found its own voice."

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(Image credit: Music For Nations)

blanket: Modern Escapism
1. White Noise
2. Romance 
3. The Last Days Of The Blue Blood Harvest
4. Firmament
5. The Mighty Deep
6. In Awe 
7. Where The Light Takes Us
8. Burial
9. Violence
10. Silent Ground
11. Last Light

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