Astrosaur premiere video for eight-minute trip Black Hole Earth

(Image credit: Aina Haukeland)

Norwegian trio Astrosaur, who feature former Ihshan and Leprous guitarist Eirik Kråkenes, have premiere their new video for the eight-minute long trip that is Black Hole Earth, which you can watch below.

Black Hole Earth is taken from the bands upcoming third album Portals, which will be released through Pelagic Records on November 18.

"We're very happy to present our new single Black Hole Earth from our upcoming third full-length Portals," says Kråkenes. "The video is made by Glenn Marshall who specialises in machine learning and AI generated artworks, and we're thrilled with the journey his machines have created for our track. Tune in, space out!

“The title Portals comes from a fascination with the concept of time and theories of the multiverse,” continues Kråkenes. “Some say that if time and space are infinite and our universe is just one of endless universes in an infinite multiverse, every possible event will happen an infinite number of times. What would these parallel universes and alternate timelines look like?” 

You can view the new album artwork for Portals below.

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(Image credit: Pelagic Records)
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