Andy Summers will release new album in October

Andy Summers
(Image credit: Andy Summers)

Former PoliceSoft Machine and Kevin Ayers guitarist Andy Summers has announced that he will release his latest solo album, Harmonics Of The Night, through Andy Summers Music/Cargo Records on October 15.

Harmonics of the Night is the third in what he conceived of as a trilogy of recordings following on from 2016's Metal Dog and 20178's Triboluminescence. The new lbum began its life as a guitar improvisation for a museum installation of Andy’s own photos. He did not like the music they had chosen in the gallery so sat down and recorded some guitar improvisations.

"The music for Harmonics Of The Night came from a real life situation, which was the occasion of a retrospective exhibition  of my photography at the Pavillion Populaure in Montpellier," Summers tells Prog. "I was able to visit the museum in advance of the opening and decided this time, instead of the usual unsuitable music being played by the whatever gallery, that I must make a music installation to accompany the photography on the wall, a piece that could be looped and thus provide a continual musical counterpoint to  the  visual.

"I made a twenty minute single guitar improvisation, A Certain Strangeness. This piece put a certain approach in my in my head and pointed me in the direction of eleven more tracks. It was the guiding spirit. These pieces, which vary from minimalist approaches to African influenced dance pieces, are what I consider the  sonic parallels to the photography."

Summers, who releases a new book of short stories, Fretted And Moaning, will hold a new exhibition of his photography at the Leica Gallery in Mayfair from October 21.

Andy Summers

(Image credit: Cargo Records)

Andy Summers: Harmonics Of The Night
1. A Certain Strangeness
2. City Of Crocodiles
3. Aeromancer
4. Chronosthesia
5. Harmonics Of The Night
6. Mirror In The Dirt
7. Prairie
8. Fantoccini
9. Aphelion
10. Spell
11. Inamorata
12. Strange Return

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