A7X, Mastodon Twitter hacked


Avenged Sevenfold and Mastodon are back in charge of their Twitter accounts after they were taken over by a group of racist hackers.

Fans were subjected to vile slogans, images and video clips after an organisation calling itself Clan Vv3 Ape Squad broke security protocols.

Their website boasts: “Another couple Twitters got popped by your fellow neighbourhood apes. Mastodon, 131,000 followers – A7X, 1,230,000 followers.”

Some tweeters were apparently unaware that the change of username to SleepTheGod and the addition of a Vv3 avatar indicated that something was amiss, and instead accused the bands of being racist.

However, the issues were resolved within 24 hours. Both bands deleted the inappropriate posts and released brief statements, with A7X saying: “A few hours ago the Twitter account of Avenged Sevenfold was hacked. The problem has been resolved.”

Mastodon reported: “I’m sure you noticed our account was compromised last night. Apologies for that. We’re back in business now.” They added a Ron Burgundy meme reading: “Boy, that escalated quickly.”