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Vinyl record storage ideas for housing and displaying your growing collection

Vinyl record storage
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While we all love spinning our vinyl on some of the best record players on the market, there's something strangely therapeutic about organising your LPs and storing them properly to keep them in tip-top condition. And to do that, choosing the right vinyl record storage is a must. After all, we don't want our collection to sit looking unloved in the corner of a room, do we?

So it's time to show your wax some respect, regardless of whether you’re spinning supermarket-bought reissues or investing your hard-earned cash into an enviable collection of valuable vinyl records. You can go to town on vinyl record storage, too, sitting records in crates and vintage-style carriers, or stacking them inside a sexy record player console unit. Fair warning though, once armed with some vinyl storage you’ll have picked at a big thread: how to organise your vinyl record collection. But hey, that’s a conversation for another day.

Vinyl record storage ideas: What you need to know

Collecting vinyl records is a right of passage of any music fan, and how you look after your wax has an impact on its future playability and, depending on if you’re interested in how to buy and sell valuable vinyl records, its future value too. Housing it in dedicated vinyl record storage helps protect it from damage and neglect. Choose some of the more stylish vinyl storage options and they’ll also become a cool feature in your room, rather than just another few boxes.

Remember: for many of us there’s no beating the crackle of vinyl, but other people in your house may not give a damn how ‘warm’ it sounds and would rather you keep the sound of your records to yourself, thanks. In that case, take a look at our guide to the best headphones for music for listening on the down-low, and the best budget wireless headphones for pairing with a slick Bluetooth turntable.

Right, let’s get some of that sweet vinyl record storage action.

Vinyl record storage ideas: Product guide

Vinyl record storage: Vinyl Record Storage Triple Deck

(Image credit: 6X6DSGNS)

1. Triple Deck Vinyl Record Storage

Upright vinyl storage for medium-sized LP record collections

Price: £235

Great if floor space is at a premium
Holds plenty of vinyl
Not ideal if you want to show off the covers

Short on floor space? Then store wax upwards with this vertical vinyl record unit. There are two options available, depending on just how LP obsessed you are: a 240-record vinyl storage option, or a 300-LP option. 

The rack is made of metal and slathered in ‘black velvety paint’. Because of how it’s designed, you can slot in your favourite records at the end to face the room. Go on, we know you’re desperate to show off those Grateful Dead album covers.

Vinyl record storage: Legend Vinyl Wooden Vinyl Record Storage Crate

(Image credit: Legend)

2. Legend Vinyl Wooden Vinyl Record Storage Crate

With added wheels, you can whisky this around your home with ease

Price: £40/$46

No nonsense design
Holds 100 records
It's on wheels

Rather than traipsing across the room to grab a slice of wax, why not keep some of your collection in this handy crate which has the added bonus of being on wheels? It’s a solid bit of kit and will hold 100 LPs. It can also be tucked out of the way if needed without any hassle, and for the price, we really think this is a cracking vinyl storage option – especially for vinyl lovers who don't have much space.

Vinyl record storage: Gorilla LP Vinyl Record Storage Box

(Image credit: Gorilla)

3. Gorilla LP Vinyl Record Storage Box

A sturdy case to keep all your vinyl safe and sound

Price: £45/$55

Robust design
Holds 100 records
Secure interior

This chunky Gorilla flight carry case looks great thanks to its black and chrome finish and will hold 100, 12-inch records. Despite its appearance, the case is actually quite light, meaning even when full, you won’t put your back out when moving it around your home.

Your collection will also be safe and sound thanks to it’s strong latches, while the foam interior will keep your original copy of Fields Of The Nephilim’s Dawnrazor in perfect condition. 

Vinyl record storage: Vinyl99 Turntable Stand and Vinyl Record Storage

(Image credit: 6X6DSGNS)

4. Vinyl99 Turntable Stand and Vinyl Storage

Slick vinyl record storage that shows off your turntable too

Price: £549

All in one design
Neat and tidy
Stores 100 albums

Looking for an all-in-one solution for those LPs you have on heavy rotation? Then check out this turntable stand with built-in storage for up to 100 LPs. The Vinyl99 has a dedicated space for your turntable and amplifier, plus a separate vinyl storage compartment.

This turntable stand and record storage unit is hand-crafted from solid beech wood with dark walnut legs, and comes flat-packed for you to assemble at home. You’ll need to be quick with this one, though, as they’re selling fast.

Vinyl record storage: GPO Portable Carry Case for singles

(Image credit: GPO)

5. GPO Portable Carry Case for singles

Show your 7-inch singles collection some love with this classy carry case

Price: From £32/$60

Classy retro look
Four colour choices
Only holds 25 singles

While it’s great to keep our 12-inch vinyl collection in good shape, let’s not forget the humble 7-inch single. While some artists occasionally press singles as part of box sets or Record Store Day, vinyl lovers can dive into sites such as eBay to grab curios from the past - often at brilliant prices. 

But rather than leave these gems scattered around the living room or left unloved on a shelf, house them in this eye-catching red portable carry case from GPO. It will hold up to 25 records and keep them safe thanks to it’s robust design and closing clasp. If red's not quite your thing, then don't despair as GPO also do this case in three other colours.

Vinyl record storage: Victrola Vinyl Record Storage Case

(Image credit: 6X6DSGNS)

6. Victrola Vinyl Record Storage Case

Retro-looking vinyl storage for carting around your LP records

Price: From £34.99/$40

Handle means it's easy to take with you
Strong design
Can only hold around 30 albums

If you’re new to collecting wax and want a cheap yet cool vinyl storage option, the wood and metal Victrola hits the spot. It comes in flat black and a light turquoise, as well as a bat-shit crazy psychedelic version that’ll make you feel like you’ve dropped acid each time you look at it.

There’s room for 30-odd records here, making it the ideal vinyl record storage for beginners, as well as for seasoned collectors looking for a way to cart their wax around. The Victrola Vinyl Turntable Record Storage Case is dust-and scratch-resistant, and sports dinky wheels for easier rolling. And hey, if you’re new to vinyl, take a look at our round-up of the best budget turntables for waxy warmth without breaking the bank.

Vinyl record storage: Metal Vinyl Storage On Rotating Wheels

(Image credit: 6X6DSGNS)

7. Metal Vinyl Storage On Rotating Wheels

Rollable vinyl record storage that’s built to last

Price: £126

Rubber wheels
Holds 100 LPs
Could be described as a bit basic

Similar to the above, but made from metal for those who want something a touch more durable and hard-wearing. This crate is hand-welded and finished with powder-coated polymer paint, and comes fully assembled so you can start using it straight out of the box.

It holds over 100 LPs, so you can slot plenty into a crate. Those wheels are soft rubberized jobs too, so you won't mark up your hard floors when rolling it around.

Vinyl record storage: Kaiu Vinyl Record Storage

(Image credit: 6X6DSGNS)

8. Kaiu Vinyl Record Storage

Clear-faced storage for smaller LP record collections

Price: £39.99

A nice way to show off your vinyl
Flick through your LPs

This record holder stores around 50 LPs and is a great option for plonking next to your turntable – if it were us, we’d buy two and position them either side of our record player. The Kaiu Vinyl Record Storage has a grooved surface to better hug and hold your records, and the base can be adjusted to hold LPs or 45s.

The ends are made of clear acrylic to better show off your album covers, while the base is made from simple yet durable solid wood. That grooved base also makes it easier for you to flip through your records to find the one you want.

Vinyl record storage: LP Vinyl Record Storage Display Stand

(Image credit: 6X6DSGNS)

9. LP Vinyl Record Storage Display Stand

Stylish table-top vinyl storage for collectors

Price: £126

Great for a tabletop or counter
Hand crafted
Comes in various sizes

At first glance it looks pretty basic, but your LPs will look incredible when stored inside this all-metal piece of vinyl storage. For our money, we’d pop it next to our record player and use it as a way to store our heavy rotation collection. 

The stand is hand-forged and painted, and comes in three different capacities: choose from an 80-LP record model, 100 or a 120-LP model option. If you’re buying in the UK, you’ll also get free delivery on this beauty.

Vinyl record storage: Modular Vinyl Record Storage Console System

(Image credit: 6X6DSGNS)

10. Modular Vinyl Record Storage Console System

Store up to 600 LP records, plus your turntable and hi-fi separates

Price: £421

Holds 600 pieces of vinyl
Big enough to set your turntable on
Not ideal if space is a premium

This is another all-in-one solution for those of you with a larger vinyl collection and who want to store it together with your turntable and various hi-fi separates. 6X6DSGNS' modular system comprises eight Baltic birch wood connecting cubes, each of which holds up to 75 LPs.

The system ships with a full-length console top too, upon which you can set out your record player and other equipment. To look pro, consider buying a headphone stand to sit your cans on, next to your turntable for when you want to listen to your vinyl stash privately.

Vinyl record storage ideas: Display your vinyl

Vinyl record storage: Vinyl Record ‘Now Playing’ Stand

(Image credit: 6X6DSGNS)

1. Vinyl Record ‘Now Playing’ Stand

Make a show of whatever wax you're spinning right now

Price: £74

A great way to show off what you're playing
It lights up!
Makes a great gift

As well as investing in some sweet vinyl record storage, save some of your dollar to splash out on this retro-style Now Playing Stand. Plug it in via the attached USB power cable and the words ‘now playing’ become illuminated when you flick the in-line switch. It’s a fun way to show off the record you’re currently playing. 

Stump up a little extra and you can have the stand engraved at the back, making it a brilliant gift for vinyl fans.

Vinyl record storage: Art Vinyl Play & Display Vinyl Record Frame

(Image credit: 6X6DSGNS)

2. Art Vinyl Play & Display Vinyl Record Frame

Forget photos – vinyl gallery walls are the way forward

Price: From £39

Display your vinyl in style
Vinyl remains secure on the wall
Better than a poster!

Use your walls to store your most valuable vinyl records – or to show off the records you plan on spinning that day. Art Vinyl is a funky way to get more from your most show-stopping records, and holds 12-inch LPs, including double and triple albums. 

A quick-release frame makes it fast and simple to switch in new albums, and you can buy this Art Vinyl solution in either a single frame or a triple frame pack. Sure beats the hell out of a normal photo gallery wall display.

Vinyl record storage: Vinyl Record Display Shelf

(Image credit: NoTimeLikeTheGift)

3. Vinyl Record Display Shelf

Another way to show off your vinyl collection

Price: £4.50

Cheap and cheerful
Easy to move around your wall
A different display every day

As we've seen above, it's great to be able to display a selection of eye-catching vinyl on your wall – and this is an alternative version which does the job perfectly. After all, isn’t one of the selling points of vinyl the ability to gaze at the cover art rather than have it displayed as a digital thumbnail?

Stacked together you’ll be able to create your own unique wall art and looks brilliant above the fireplace and brightens up a plain wall. Best of all, you can change the display whenever you want.