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(Image credit: TheShowMustBePaused)

In solidarity with our black colleagues, with the black artists whose music we love and owe our careers to, and in protest at the racism that continues to plague our nations, Louder have made the decision to join many of our friends across the music industry in pausing work on our sites to support #TheShowMustBePaused (opens in new tab), #BlackOutTuesday and #BlackLivesMatter on Tuesday June 02.

As members of the rock community, we pride ourselves on being open and welcoming. For that to mean something, we need to make sure we’re standing with everyone our scenes represent, offering support to those who need it when it matters.

It matters now.

We know going quiet for a day isn’t enough. Change needs to follow, and we are holding ourselves accountable in being part of that change. We will spend the day focusing on how to make that change meaningful and long-lasting, and how to best support black communities, including our friends, our colleagues and the artists we love.

Louder stands in solidarity with all those affected.