Playlist: Sepultura's guide to the world's best metal vocalists

Sepultura press shot
(Image credit: Nuclear Blast)

As the days of self-isolation begin to stretch into weeks, we're continuing on our mission to provide you with plenty of great music to keep you occupied.

We've already heard from Trivium's Paolo Gregoletto, who shared his Ultimate Quarantine Jams, from Halestorm guitarist Joe Hottinger, who provided his favourite throwback tunes, from Jamie Lenman who took us all to the movies and from Sepultura's Andreas Kisser, who put together a list of the world's most badass guitar solos for us.

Today, Kisser's Sepultura bandmate Derrick Green has been selected for the DJ booth, where he has kindly put together a selection of the world's finest heavy metal vocalists to titillate our earbuds.

"Here is my list of my favourite heavy music vocalists," he says. "I based these favourites on live performances, as well as studio work. They are in no particular order, I admire all of their work very deeply. They all have been a tremendous influence in my life.

"Their lyrical content, and the ability to create a unique persona with their voices has always made me gravitate towards these artists. 

"The believability factor has always been strong with all of these singers. I always felt that this is an extremely important element for a vocalist."

Sepultura's new album, Quadra, is out now via Nuclear Blast.

Briony Edwards

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