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Playlist: Sepultura's favourite guitar solos

(Image credit: Nuclear Blast)

As we mentioned yesterday when we kicked off this series with Trivium's guide to how to survive being stuck inside (spoiler: it's with a killer soundtrack), we here at Metal Hammer firmly believe that the key to successful self-isolation is to get stuck into some new music.

It doesn't have to be new new music, necessarily – although that's another worthy way to spend your free time – just music that's new to you. The best way to do that? By diving into the musical minds of others. 

So, we've enlisted some well-known musical friends to help us put together a series of playlists for those looking to broaden their musical horizons while locked down. 

Here, Sepultura guitarist Andreas Kisser has put together a playlist of mind-boggling guitar solos for friends, fans, and anyone just looking for something a little bit different to listen to.

"Here’s my list, the theme is my favourite guitar solos in metal," he says. "They're not in a specific order. I feel these guitar players were my teachers, they showed me the way with their amazing leads and riffs. I spent hours rewinding my cassette tapes to learn their solos – it was a great school to me. Today I still love to play them, they still inspire me.

"I think what makes a great guitar solo, is the honest feeling of the player, regardless of their techniques and abilities with the instrument. It has to have soul, passion and a message. A solo needs to “talk” with the listener, in my opinion, it's stronger than any word."