Playlist: The sounds that built Halestorm

(Image credit: Rob Fenn)

As the days of self-isolation begin to stretch into weeks, we're continuing on our mission to provide you with plenty of great music to keep you occupied.

We've already heard from Trivium's Paolo Gregoletto, who shared his Ultimate Quarantine Jams, and from Sepultura's Andreas Kisser, who put together a list of the world's most badass guitar solos for us.

Today, our musical voyage take us to the world of Halestorm, where guitarist Joe Hottinger has created a playlist which takes us travelling back through time to the sounds that were inspiring the band when they first came together.

"This is the Halestorm throwback playlist," he says. "When I first joined the band in 2003 we would burn CDs (remember doing that?) and give them to each other. It was a way to share the music that was inspiring us at the time and a way to get to know each other better. 

"We would sit around, listen to music, write music, talk about music, play some music, and generally do anything we could that had to do with music. So here is an overview of some of the bands and songs that we were geeking out on in 2003-2005." 

Briony Edwards

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