Cool Father's Day gift ideas – as chosen by actual dads…

a rock dad holds kid on his shoulders at a gig

You know how it is. Every year Father's Day rolls around and every year, you scratch your head about what to get the old boy. Some dads like golf – and they get golf soap. Some dads like football and they get a, I dunno, a scarf or some shit. 

But your old man likes rock. And metal. And punk. In fact, he's crazy about music, full-stop. So what do you get him? Don't worry – we have the answers. It just so happens, we know a bunch of old blokes. So we got them to tell us what they'd want this year.

The answers, predictably, include booze (special booze they wouldn't buy themselves), vinyl, books and some t-shirts they probably won't look good in. Your mum really isn't going to thank you. 

But look at the picture above. He lifted you onto his shoulders so you could get a better view at some of the first gigs you ever went to. Some of your all-time favourite music you heard on his turntable, or on his car CD player, first.

How do you repay that? Not by buying him the Greatest Dad Rock Album Ever, that's fer sure. You could wait until next week and pick up something from the all-night garage OR you could get him a Lemmy tea towel instead…

The HMV Vinyl Week sale is now on!

And we have put all the best deals in one easy place. With albums by AC/DC, Guns N' Roses, Pink Floyd, Foo Fighters, Iron Maiden and more to snap up, some at 50% off prices, this is the perfect way to grab your dad a vinyl bargain in time for Father's Day.View Deal

Marshall Major II Bluetooth Headphones

The pioneering rock amp brand has spent almost 60s years perfecting the noise you hear. Who better, then, to design headphones. This bluetooth set is almost 50% off right now on Amazon, with 4.5 star reader reviews. Perfect for the dad who commutes.View Deal

Marshall Major II Headphones

Even more of a bargain, if cordless or Bluetooth is no big deal, are these: 55% off (were £100, now £45). Same cool Marshall sound and design, great reader reviews - a bargain.View Deal

Marshall Mode EQ Earphones 

And if you're thinking, "Hang on, it's summer, he's not going to want those big ear-warmers on," then there's these buds, with two EQ settings, built in mic and the classic Marshall cache. Now 31% off at £44.75.View Deal

Urbanears Plattan ADV Black Bluetooth Headphones

And if you're not really bothered about the Marshall name, then these are a standout bargain: reduced from £99 to £29, are Bluetooth, go 14 hours between charges, have a built-in mic and the ability to share with a friend via a spare headphone socket.View Deal

Iron Maiden Trooper 8 x 500ml pack

The Official Beer of Metal Dads everywhere. Back in 2015, we reported that Maiden had sold 10 million pints of Trooper, so gawd only knows what they must be at now. Tescos do it in 8 packs. Who wouldn't want this over a bag of toffees?View Deal

Iron Maiden Trooper Keg (5L.)

Possibly even more special – upset your mum by turning your kitchen into a pub with this Trooper Keg from Morrisons. Buy the Maiden beer mats below to complete that pub feel.View Deal

Iron Maiden Trooper Gift Set

Not 'special' enough? Then go for the Trooper gift set. If he doesn't drink it, it will become the kind of collectible that'll no doubt sell for big bucks in years to come.View Deal

Iron Maiden Trooper Beer Mats

…And if you really, REALLY want to impress, then the final touch is Trooper beer mats. Rumours that Trooper cocktail umbrellas are coming soon are untrue and just made up by me, just then.View Deal

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Subscribe to Classic Rock or Prog right now and get 50% off Ramblin Man Fair tickets. The mag subscription is the gift that keeps on giving all year, the discount means your old man could save up to £150 and be part of one of this summer's greatest weekends in rock, with big names like The Cult, Mott The Hoople and Fish, to name just a few.View Deal

Motorhead Road Crew beer 

Raise a toast to Lemmy with the official Motorhead beer – a lovely citrus-y American pale ale that was rolled out last year. 12 packs have sold out but you can get it in single bottles here.View Deal

Motorhead Bastard lager (330ml x6)

Still available, but only just, snap up what's left of Motorhead Bastard Swedish lager. (You could put on the card: "From your little Bastard…" Aw – it's too perfect!)View Deal

Motorhead Single Malt Whisky 70 cl

A really special gift. Made by Sweden's own malt whisky brewery Mackmyra Svensk, it's well reviewed and very collectible. A great gift for a Motorhead fan - with the added bonus that he might pour you a dram...View Deal

Motorhead Shiraz Rose Wine

You might not associate Motorhead with wine, but in the last couple of years of his life, Lemmy was a wine drinker, switching from JD & coke to rose wine on "doctor's orders" (it's made out of fruit, it's gotta be healthy, right?). This is official 'Head brand, also available in red.View Deal

Motorhead Gift Set Bundle

Featuring shot glasses, pint glass, bottle opener, hip flask and coaster set, this might seem pricey at first glance, but if you buy them all separately, it soon mounts up, a nice set for the bugger who was born to raise hell.

View Deal

Motorhead - Warpig Bottle Opener

If you just wanna get him a little something, this is something he'll never buy himself but he'll love to have: a Warpig bottle opener, so that he can open bottles faster than Fast Eddie Clarke.View Deal

Funko Pop Lemmy

Those puppy dog eyes stand out more than his giant warts, but this is perfect for standing by your record player, getting misty-eyed over and mumbling, "They don't make like that any  more…"View Deal

Motorhead beach towel 

Summer's coming and your dad doesn't wanna be flouncing around the beach looking like a tart with one of your mum's flowery towels! He wants to look like A MAN! A man who likes Motorhead! View Deal

Motorhead Apron

It's summer! He's going to be barbecuing! He doesn't want to wear your mum's flowering apron! He wants to wear A MAN'S APRON! THE KIND OF APRON PHILTHY WOULD HAVE WORN! And here it is. View Deal

Lemmy Tea Towel

What better way to wind your dad up about never doing the bloody dishes than getting him his own Lemmy tea-towel? He'll love it really. Also available in Dave Grohl...View Deal

Classic Motorhead tee

Alternatively, get him some classic Motorhead merch. EMP have everything from shower curtains  to bed linen . This baseball top is cool, but you can browse the whole lot here.View Deal

Sony SRS-X11 bluetooth speaker

Got your old man on to Spotify or podcasts? Then why not get him a bluetooth speaker for the kitchen/garage/shed/whatever? Sony's SRS-X11 Bluetooth speaker is a no frills cube that packs 12 hours of battery life in a 2.4 x 2.4 x 2.4 inch (W x H x D) shell and outputs 10w of power. It has a decent frequency response of 20–20,000 Hz (with 44.1 kHz sampling) and weighs around 7 ounces. View Deal

Ultimate Ears Wonderboom bluetooth speaker

Another great bluetooth speaker option, is brand-new UE Wonderboom. It has 360-degree sound, has decent bass AND it’s one of the best waterproof Bluetooth speakers you can buy. With a 100-foot range and the ability to pair two devices simultaneously, it’s highly recommended. Now £57.90 at Amazon, it's still almost £30 cheaper than John Lewis.View Deal

Slayer Reign in Blood wine 

A 2010 Californian Cabernet from the home state of metal's most fearsome dudes - if you down this in one (NB: NEVER down this in one), the lyrics of Angel of Death make perfect sense and the guitar solo sounds like a melodic and carefully-crafted masterpiece to rank alongside Stairway To Heaven. True Story.

View Deal

Status Quo Limited Edition Dog of Two Head Ale Gift Set 

The price is a bit steep for a bottle of beer – but this is a collectible, not something for a night on the sauce. View Deal

Rolling Stones Forty Licks Merlot

A cheeky red from rock's grand old hell raisers, launched to mark their 50th year, but perfect for anyone who went to see them on their recent tour. He could stick it in his wine cellar – but he's much more likely to drink it straight away. View Deal

Rolling Stones Gift Pack Crystal Head Vodka 70 cl

Cool, collectible, rare and featuring a 2CD best-of, this is a great gift for a Stones aficionado and is a double-whammy in the band-booze stakes: Crystal Head vodka is owned by Blues Brother Dan Ackroyd and contains no additives, added sugar or citrus oils, common in many types of vodka. And it comes in a glass skull. No other vodka bottle is as cool.View Deal

Crystal Head Vodka 5cl Miniature

Can't afford £90 for the Stones Crystal Vodka set? How about £9 for this cool gift idea?  From Blues Brother Dan Ackroyd's Crystal Head, after you drink the vodka you have a great glass skull to keep, fill with whatever you fancy or use as a candle holder. View Deal

The Pogues Whiskey

The Pogues Whiskey is actually a decent wee dram, if you like Irish whiskey, proven by the fact that it's available in decent pubs everywhere. It doesn't make you as poetic as Shane MacGowan but neither do your teeth fall out, so swings and roundabouts. Also available in a Gift Hamper. Lend me 10 pounds and I'll buy you a drink etc.

View Deal

The Police Synchronicity Syrah

It's a message in a bottle - and the message is "Every breath you take... will stink of booze and your teeth will be red". But it wouldn't be the first time you saw your old man like that, would it?View Deal

Grateful Dead Steal your Face Syrah

Brilliantly named, the Steal your Face Syrah doesn't just steal your face, it nicks your inhibitions, pours doubt on your ability to walk, and misplaces your memories. And so it should: if you remember the 60s, you weren't really there.View Deal

AC/DC hipflask

An essential part of any gig-goer's armoury, this AC/DC hipflask will be his friend in times of need and stop the old boy complaining about bar prices at Download. For five minutes or so.View Deal

Skull shot glasses

Look! Shot glasses that are skull-shaped! For the dad who still thinks he can handle a tequila or two.View Deal

Darth Vadar "I am your father" mug

Well, he is, innee? Perfect for the sci-fi nerd dad.View Deal

Led Zeppelin NYC 1971 t-shirt

Cool, rarely seen Zep tee design. It's simple, not too crusty - it almost looks like the kind of thing thy sell in Gap. Maybe that's a bad thing, in which case, there's a full range of Zep merch here.View Deal

Subscribe to Classic Rock, Prog or Metal Hammer magazine and get a free power bank!

A subscription is the perfect present – the gift that keeps on giving – and Classic Rock, Prog and Metal Hammer are the leading mags in their field, full of exclusive interviews, untold stories and the latest new music. Right now theres a Father's Day offer on that comes with a free Powerbank…  View Deal

Gary Crowley's Punk and New Wave Box set

3 CDs of obscure punk songs and one-off new wave weirdos, this Gary Crowley set is the perfect gift for the old punk who thinks he knows it all and has all the obvious albums (the Clash, Pistols, Damned, SLF and beyond). Cult names like The Only Ones and The Boys jostle alongside long-forgotten gems by Skunks and the Stukas. Your dad will love you forever for this. View Deal

The Temperance Movement – A Deeper Cut  [VINYL]

Get one of the best rock albums of the year so far and make him feel like he’s still got it. The new album by the Temperance Movement is £13.99 right now on Amazon, with free postage for Prime customers. Even better is the signed edition for £20 .

View Deal

Blackberry Smoke – Find A Light (Amazon Exclusive Signed Vinyl)

As of the time of writing, Amazon have just 9 of these signed exclusive double LPs of the latest Blackberry Smoke album. Get em while you can!View Deal

Guardians of the Galaxy: Awesome Mix Vol. 1 and 2 [VINYL] 

Both Guardians soundtracks on vinyl for just over £30. Feelgood Father’s day fun that’s more imaginative than some Dad Rock compilation AND will introduce him/remind of how awesome Redbone were. Vol.1 is going for £16.99 and Vol.2 for £16.View Deal

The Baby Driver Soundtrack on vinyl

Another great classic rock soundtrack and a great vinyl bargain: a double album for £15.99, featuring the Damned, the Beach Boys, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion and loads more. Is it slow? No, it definitely isn’t slow. View Deal

Guns N' Roses dressing gown 

Well, it's better than seeing him lounge around the house in his pants. Now 24% off too. Check out all the other GN'R merch here.View Deal

Govt. Mule – Dark Side Of The Mule (Ltd Ed. coloured marble 2LP vinyl)

Blues/jam-rock legends cover Pink Floyd classics live across 4-sides of coloured vinyl. It's collectible, cool and got great reviews.View Deal

The Faces – Snakes And Ladders: The Best Of Faces (vinyl)

You can't fit the best of the Faces on two sides of vinyl, but this is still a cool gift for anyone who liked Rod back when he rocked.View Deal

Allan Jones – Can't Stand Up For Falling Down: Rock'n'Roll War Stories

From getting beaten up by Tony Iommi to hanging out with Phil Lynott or drinking with Bowie and Lou Reed, Allan Jones has the best rock'n'roll war stories and this is a fine collection for anyone who wants to peak behind the scenes.View Deal

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