Vandemonian release video for National Insecurity

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Hamburg-based progressive post-rock trio Vandemonian premiere their new video for National Insecurity. The song is taken from the trio's debut album Xenophilia, which was released back in February.

National Insecurity is inspired by the words of former CIA chief of counterintelligence James Jesus Angleton who was interviewed on his deathbed, revealing hard truths about the state of US intelligence community , with the band saying, "We hope to raise awareness towards this institutionalised deceit behind the scenes and point the central statement Snowden makes at the end of the song. “National security, from the perspective of an intelligence officer … means stability of the current political system.

"In the eventually fruitless search for an audio copy of this infamous quote to use as a sample for National Insecurity, we came across an interview between NSA Whistleblower Edward Snowden and the German Non-Profit AcTVism Munich," they explain. "Snowden’s account of the state of affairs of the 3-letter agencies and their ruthless campaign for control in the name of national security resonated with us. It’s no secret that the dealings of the CIA have caused much of the havoc in the world, but once you spend some time on the issue with books such as The Devil’s Chessboard by David Talbot, you never look at world events the same way again."

Recorded and produced on a DIY-approach by guitarist and vocalist Nick Braren between late 2018 and early 2020, Xenophilia developed gradually over those two years with the trio constantly experimenting and maturing their ideas between studio sessions. The end result is an elegant and compelling album that sees Vandemonian fusing the very best elements of prog rock and post-rock.

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(Image credit: Vandemonian)

Vandemonian: Xenophilia
1. Robotor
2. Spherical Development
3. Razumhikin
4. Jack Ketch
5. National Insecurity
6. Excommunication
7. Man Is Invertebrate
8. Souls

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