TikTok users are now soundtracking their cozy autumnal videos with a song by, erm, notorious cult leader Charles Manson

Autumn leaves, cult leader Charles Manson and a pumpkin spiced latte
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Earlier this month, TikTok was responsible for a new, eyebrow-arching trend which saw rock fans get down and dirty via 'thirst-trap' videos to Nickelback's disco-inspired track She Keeps Me Up. The platform's feed was full of lip-biting, hair-twirling and a myriad of scantily-clad outfit changes, making for one of the stranger trends thrown up through TikTok's perplexing algorithm.

In another bout of strange soundtrack usage, TikTok users have now set their sights on a song by notorious cult leader Charles Manson. Yes, that's right - the maniac who fronted the The Manson Family, a cult who orchestrated a series of murders in 1960s California, including the murder of film actress Sharon Tate.

So, what trend could possibly justify this unlikely soundtrack, you ask? Unbelievably, creators are actually making cozy videos to capture the aesthetic of the autumn season. Which is, er, a little ill-fitting, to say the least.

The trending song in question is Manson's folk ditty Home Is Where You're Happy, which featured on the 1970 album Lie The Love and Terror Cult, released after news of the infamous murders were first revealed. Before becoming a world-famous criminal, Manson had aspirations to become a musician, and learnt to play the steel guitar during an early stay in prison. 

Now, the song has been used by countless wannabe interior designers showcasing their snug, autumn-ready homes, fit with thick blankets, burning candles and perfectly plump cushions. There are also clips circulating with the song displaying people's forays into more autumn-orientated activities, such as apple-picking and pumpkin decorating. Yes, really.

Explaining why one user decided to incorporate the track, Rolling Stone reports that they - like others - didn't actually know who wrote it before using it with their video. You can only hope that applies to the majority of users who got involved.

Either way, it's certainly made for a disturbing trend. If you want, you can watch some of the controversial TikToks below. Charles Manson died in prison in 2017 after serving 46 years for his crimes.


♬ Home Is Where You're Happy - Charles Manson

apple tarte, apple butter and apple juice to come…

♬ Home Is Where You're Happy - Charles Manson

♬ Home Is Where You're Happy - Charles Manson

♬ Home Is Where You're Happy - Charles Manson

big pumpkin! 🎃

♬ Home Is Where You're Happy - Charles Manson

♬ Home Is Where You're Happy - Charles Manson
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