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This Cyber Monday Tidal deal will get you streaming in HiFi for as little as $1/£1 a month

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Tidal are making the most of the ongoing Cyber Monday music deals – having unveiled two new tiers of their music streaming service 10 days ago, they're now offering hefty deals on both options.

The first tier they introduced is Tidal HiFi, which includes access to more than 80 million tracks in lossless audio format, high quality sound up to 1411 kbps and 350,000 videos. It also comes free from pesky ads and you can listen offline. Thanks to the Cyber Monday deal, you can now sign up for three months of Tidal Hifi for $1/£1 a month (opens in new tab) – a big saving on the usual subscription cost of $/£9.99 a month. 

The second tier is Tidal HiFi Plus, which is the option for the real audiophiles among us, coming with immersive audio formats including MQA, Dolby Atmos, Sony 360 Reality Audio, and HiFi up to 9216 kbps for a top notch listening experience. Again, you’ll be able to listen offline and without the interruption of ads, and you can sign up for three months of Tidal HiFi Plus for $2/£2 a month (opens in new tab) – an even bigger saving on the standard price of $/£19.99 per month.

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Tidal HiFi: $1/£1 per month (opens in new tab)
Get onboard right now with Tidal and you could be enjoying 80 million tracks in high quality sound with no ads getting in the way.

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Tidal HiFi Plus: $2/£2 per month (opens in new tab)
Take your listening up a level with Tidal HiFi Plus. Not only will you get the streaming service's best audio, but you'll also be helping the artists you love.

The two years have been difficult for artists for reasons we're all too aware of by this point, and Tidal have listened to feedback fans and artists have given about streaming services and their role in that – so, as part of launching this new tier, Tidal have also announced that 10% of your HiFi Plus subscription will be sent directly to the artists you listen to most thanks to their Direct Artist Payout programme. 

They say: “Direct Artist Payouts will allow artists to benefit directly from their biggest fans on Tidal, and a new activity feed will show fans exactly where their money goes.”

There's also a new Fan-Centered Royalties initiative which will be based on the “actual streaming activity of fans vs. the industry accepted method of aggregating streams and allocating it to the most popular artists.”

Tidal elaborate: “With Tidal HiFi Plus, artists will see a significantly higher per-play-rate than the standard rate of other streaming services. Fan-Centered Royalties will not be aggregated. Instead, royalties will go to the artists that Tidal users actually stream, so fans can directly support the artists they love. Fans will start to see their streams add up in their activity feed in January 2022.

“With support from the vast majority of our record label and distributor partners, Tidal is going beyond current industry standards to make royalty payments more transparent for artists and rights holders.”

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