Talitha Rise premieres video for new single Lifeboat with Prog

Talitha Rise

Talitha Rise has released a promo video for her new single Lifeboat. It's taken from her An Abandoned Orchid House album and features actor Rod Glenn, who appeared in the movies The More You Ignore Me and Monster.

"Lifeboat is that moment when you know you're in trouble," Talitha told us. "It could be a relationship or a situation where you don't know which way it's going to go, if you're going to 'sink or swim' and the lifeboat is literally the symbol of something coming in to tell you the answer. I recorded the song alone in my cottage in Sussex and I love the way it gave the track such a sense of warmth and intimacy whilst being bare.

"I was extremely lucky to work with talented actor Rod Glenn on this video (he's just been in The More You Ignore Me and Monster both films out this month) and director Jacob Zander. They both really got the emotion of the song and though it was a freezing day in the north sea (shot in South Shields) we really had the best time making it."

Talitha Rise will play The Komedia, Brighton on August 10 and The Angel Gallery, Totnes on August 31.