Skynd release super-trippy video for Gary Heidnik featuring Jonathan Davis


Skynd are premiering their new video for Gary Heidnik exclusively with Metal Hammer, taken from the band's upcoming EP Chapter 1.

The video, complete with trippy effects and a bucket of blood is named after murderer and serial rapist Gary Heidnik, and features Korn's Jonathan Davis on vocals.

Heidnik kidnapped, tortured and raped six women, murdering two of them, while holding them prisoner in his basement. Skynd's video depicts various scenes of bloody violence towards women, including a rather gory scene in the kitchen involving a blender and a meat cleaver.

"We were delighted that Jonathan Davis wanted to be a part of Gary Heidnik," say the band. "Working with him was an amazing experience and we are excited that the song and video are finally seeing the light of day."

"All human beings are capable of cruelty and we have to keep the inner animal in check," continue the band. "We’re here to provide a different perspective on the psyche to maybe answer some questions."

Skynd is the brainchild of vocalist Skynd and her long-time producer Father. Each of the band's songs are named after murders or muderers, including Richard Ramirez and Elisa Lam. 

"[Gary Heidnik] just had a bunch of sex slaves," Jonathan Davis tells us. "Buffalo Bill was based off of him. Gary had a pit in the ground and a bunch of girls as sex slaves, and when he thought they were trying to escape, he busted their eardrums with a screwdriver so they couldn’t hear. And he kept torturing them and fucking them and torturing them, and then one girl died so he didn’t know what to do, so that’s when he took her and ground her up, and started feeding the other girl to the other girls. It’s such a crazy story.”

Bursting girls' eardrums with a screwdriver and grinding up human flesh can be seen in Skynd's video.

“You can watch videos of the one girl that escaped," continues Jonathan. "I watched her video, and that’s where I got my line, ‘The food looks good enough, good enough to eat,’ because he was feeding them dog food laced with their friends. So that’s some dark shit. Skynd’s been waiting for a long time to get this shit out, it’s going to be awesome.”

Skynd's new EP Chapter 1 will be released August 15.

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