Shiva The Destructor release trippy new video for Ishtar

Shiva The Destructor
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Progressive heavy psych group Shiva The Destructor have released a trippy new video for Ishtar. It's taken from the Kyiv-based quartet's upcoming debut album Find The Others, which is released through Robustfellow Productions on March 26. You can watch the new video below.

"Ishtar is a track with a long and complex history," explains bassist Andrij Sernyak. "It was one of the first tracks written during the inception of Shiva The Destructor, when the band was a duo consisting of then drummer Marco Sharyi and me.

"Among the influences we had back then was Pink Floyd's Live In Pompei concert, which inspired us to write a mantra-like, hypnotic and meditative song about a fusion of different religions — Shiva is a Hindu deity, while Ishtar is a Mesopotamian goddess.

"Ishtar is the track that defined Shiva's postmodern musical universe, where everything gets mixed, mingled and intertwined. This track has a convoluted song structure, with a bass riff that sounds more like a sitar rather than a bass, with lyrics about oriental gods, but not in a strictly religious sense."

Shiva The Destructor formed in 2012, and alongside Sernyak feature Andrii Pryimak (guitar, vocals, backing vocals, keyboards), Rodion Tsikra (guitar, vocals), Kostiantyn Kalachikov (drums).

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Shiva The Destructor

(Image credit: Shiva The Destructor)

Shiva The Destructor: Find The Others
1. Benares
2. Hydronaut
3. Summer of Love
4. Ishtar
5. Nirvana Beach

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