Shardborne enter Room Within A Room


Shardborne have premiered their video for Room Within A Room with Prog.

It’s taken from the Irish instrumental prog metal outfit’s debut album Living Bridges, to be launched via Out On A Limb Records on July 10.

The band say: “Room Within A Room is the last track on the album. It offers a good idea as to the rest of the tunes. It’s a good closer – we wanted to end Living Bridges on a strong note.”

The video was partly shot in the deconsecrated church Shardborne used as a studio, but it took the band nearly a year to choose the second location. “We knew we wanted to have the lighting be an interesting visual component to the video,” they report.

Living Bridges follows the band’s debut EP Aeonian Sequence, released in 2011.


  1. Not That Axis

  2. Qualia

  3. Living Bridges

  4. Moving Magnetic North

  5. Mind The Gap

  6. Looking Down At The Sky From Above

  7. Room Within A Room