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Saxon’s Glockler in full recovery

Saxon drummer Nigel Glockler has made a full recovery from emergency brain surgery and plans to get back to work soon.

He collapsed during the band’s winter UK tour in December and was diagnosed with an aneurysm. Doctors put him through two procedures after the first wasn’t entirely successful. He was sent home from hospital in January to recuperate.

Former Accept singer Udo Dirkschneider’s son Sven stood in for Saxon’s February shows, although Glockler performed one track, Strangers In The Night, in London on February 7.

Now Glockler reports: “The neurosurgeons have informed me that I have made a 100% recovery, and there is zero damage at all from the aneurysm – mainly due to the part of the brain it was located in.

“This means I am okay to get back to work, but I’m told to ease back into it in my own timeframe.

“To that end I’ve started to work on getting my stamina back up, and I look forward to being back full-time very soon. Thank you for your support and well-wishes.”

Saxon play two shows in the Netherlands in April then tour the US with Armored Saint in May. They’ll also appear at this year’s Hard Rock Hell in North Wales in November, and at the Team Rock-sponsored Ramblin’ Man Fair in Kent this July.