Rush men Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson forming new band?

Peart, left, retired after Rush's last tour in 2015

Rush frontman Geddy Lee and guitarist Alex Lifeson could be about to announce a new band called LeeLifeson, according to US rock commentator Eddie Trunk.

It follows the effective end of the Canadian band when drummer Neil Peart retired after a final tourin 2015.

Speaking on his radio show, as reported by Rush fan site, Trunk said: “Geddy told me he is actually reinvigorated. He told me he made some changes to his diet, which helped his voice, and he had a ton of energy, and he wanted to make music and continue in some way.

“Alex seems to be somewhere in the middle. Alex has said publicly he absolutely wants to do some stuff again. He’s doing some producing, some writing.”

“There has been talk about a band called LeeLifeson, which would be the two of them going out and doing stuff together. They would never call it Rush – those guys are too classy.”

He added that the new band would probably include Rush classics in their set, but that the pair “want to continue to create new music as well.”

Trunk emphasised that he was only speculating – but went on to say that Peart had absolutely no plans to return. “I’ve heard he doesn’t even have drums in his house any more,” he said.

The band haven’t responded to the speculation.

Peart’s position has never been entirely clarified after he accepted the description of himself as “retired.” Lee later suggested the drummer didn’t mean exactly what he’d said – but later, Lee and Lifeson both appeared to accept that Rush’s touring days were over.

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