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Rob Reed teams up with Simon Phillips in new video for Swan Feathered Girl

Robert Reed
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Robert Reed teams up with drummerSimon Phillips in a new video for the emotive Swan Feathered Girl, which you can watch below. It's taken from The Ringmaster Part Two which will be released on February 4. The album completes the Ringmaster story that was started by the October 2021 release of The Ringmaster Part One.

"I’ve been so lucky to work with Tom Newman again on this album. I think every artist needs somebody to be honest with them and to tell them when things could be better," says Reed. "Tom has taught me so many things about how to bring out the emotion in the music. He can be very honest and brutal on times, and there are very few people I would listen to.

"Like most artists, we have a frail ego, but Tom is somebody I respect, so I will always listen to somebody who can make my music better. So, along with Les Penning, who comes from a different place musically, I have a balanced support system. Then there is working with Simon Phillips. The best thing is that alongside being an amazing drummer, he’s a fantastic engineer/ producer. So he knows what to play to serve the music. I’m just so lucky to work with such talent.

"The reaction to the whole concept has been fantastic, the idea of splitting the album into two parts has really worked. I’ve never been a fan of long albums. Some of the classic rock albums of the 1970's were under 40 mins."

The Ringmaster Part Two is available in a three disc edition (2CD/DVD) and includes a stunning 5.1 surround mix, interview and promo videos and a second audio disc with bonus tracks and a complete mix of the album by Tom Newman. Both parts are also available as a four CD and two DVD set.

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