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Rïcïnn streams brand new single Doris

(Image credit: Phöën )

Experimental French vocalist and composer Rïcïnn (Laure Le Prunenec) has streamed her new single Doris. It's the first new  music from new album, Nereïd, which will be released through Blood Music on October 23. You can listen to Doris in full below.

“The concept of Rïcïnn is to find something true, specific that builds your own being and be able to detach from what is already done, or external to fight against blandness, inconsistency and especially stupidity."

Known for her work as female vocalist for breakcore outfit Igorrr, experimental gothic funeral metal band Öxxö Xööx, and experimental trip-hop unit Corpo-Mente; Rïcïnn's solo work lies in the realm of funeral opera - with nearly all composition, instrumentation, and imagery created by the artist herself.

“I use tones from different languages as a tool for being percussive or sweet, to express what I need at the moment when I'm improvising,” she explains. “I like to use all the tools and technology of the modern world, but I also like to combine it with ancient poetry. For example using the electric sounds of a guitar while you are singing with a Gregorian or medieval style. My music is full of different periods of time, and of course the intuition is always determined by my present, and the personal feelings."


(Image credit: Ricinn)

Rïcïnn: Nereïd
1. Zéro
2. Doris
3. Nereïd
4. Missäe
5. Artäe
6. Ëön
7. Psamatäe
8. J-C
9. Thaliäe
10. Ele
11. Söre
12. Erani