Raven Bush releases video for brand new solo single Start Of Something New

Raven Bush
(Image credit: Raven Bush)

Syd Arthur member and producer Raven Bush has released a video for Start Of Something New, the first single from his upcoming debut solo album Fall Into Noise, which will be released through PRAH Recordings on August 13. You can watch the video below.

"Start of Something New was the first track that was made and completed on Fall Into Noise," explains Bush. "It all emerged from some chords I recorded as a voice note whilst playing the piano at my dad’s house.

“As a title, Fall Into Noise is about the acceptance of all that you can’t control. I find it interesting that noise can be disconcerting to one, yet sublime for another. For one person a sound which makes them anxious, makes another aware of something mystical. I’m talking about uncontrollable forces and how we perceive them. A friend was telling me about how the thought of the ocean, with its unstoppable power that everyday just went in and out with the tides, was terrifying. everything just ‘is’ and it’s up to us to decide and embody meaning to it.
"Of course it’s easy to say these things, but it’s always good to be reminded, I think."

Bush, who played violin, keyboards and mandolin with Canterbury proggers Syd Arthur, who haven't released any new music since 2016's Apricity, has previously released two EPs as a solo artist.

Fall Into Noise was recorded at his home studio in Margate, before being given a final stem mix by Ghostculture and then mastered by Rupert Clervaux. You can view the album artwork and tracklisting below.

“I think everyone has something absolutely unique about them, you just need to keep carving away till you find the essence of what you want to say,” says Buish. “For me I feel like this record is the first layer of that process.”

Raven Bush

(Image credit: PRAH Recordings)

Raven Bush Fall Into Noise:
1. Factory of Light
2. Coming Up For Air
3. Made of Stars 
4. Your Space
5. Start of Something New
6. March 
7. The Window 
8. Never
9. Unfurling 
10. A Choice 

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