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Quantum Pig release video for new single Statement Of Intent

Quantum Pig

London-based prog duo Quantum Pig have released a video for their brand new single Statement Of Intent. You can watch it below.

“The video is a about the transition from old ways of thinking, symbolised by the hollowed out derelict we shot the principal footage in, and the promise of the new, represented by all those holographic screens and other CGI jiggery-pokery," multi-instrumentalist Ian Faragher tells Prog. "This track contains perhaps my favourite lyric on the album: ‘Our engine should be the whole of the sky’ - it just says it all and makes a great slogan too. It’s very Quantum Pig - big, optimistic and slightly left-field. We’re just the sort of band to release a single about solar power. Musically Statement Of Intent has all the essential ingredients of a Quantum Pig track. It’s a prog, both musically and lyrically, it’s rock, the guitars are turned up to 11, but it's unashamedly hooky and singalong too.”

Quantum Pig will release their debut album, Songs Of Industry And Sunshine through White Star Records on February 1.