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PREMIERE: Oozing Wound – Going Through The Motions Til I Die video

As the responses to our current Ebola ‘crisis’ has made clear, the end of the world is going to more Seinfeld than 2012 and the seismographs having a fit will be jacked into the frenzied course of human stupidity rather than some cinematic, city-levelling disaster. Meanwhile, looking down on the whole sorry mess will be Chicago’s Oozing Wound, a band whose combination of sneering misanthropy, absurdist humour and more killer hooks than Leatherface and his extended clan sound like an acute response to our hell-in-our-cheap-knockoff-handbasket times.

With their lo-fi, snarling and groove-wracked new album Earth Suck due to issue forth from the unsavoury loins of Thrill Jockey Records on October 21st, the power trio are offering a sordid peek in the form of a madcap video for the album’s opening track, and an up-you to apostrophe pedants everywhere, Going Through The Motions Til I Die. With a running narrative taking aim at posers and impostors, and ending up with a lot of blood on their hands, it just goes to show how much fun you can have with a bit of imagination and a healthy dollop of hate.

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