Perfect Beings drop video for Fictions


Perfect Beings have released a video for their track Fictions.

The song is taken from the California band’s self-titled debut album, released earlier this year.

Singer Ryan Hurtgen says: “The song Fictions is the love story part of TJ and Tosc – the Sci-Fi novel our album is based upon. It’s the point in the story where Raymond and Noriko reclaim their love. Raymond’s memory of Noriko has been erased from the identity chip and he is being informed about the past and when they were together, he can’t remember, it feels like fiction to him.

“And yet they struggle through together and reconvene their love. But it is a deeper love than before. All of the trauma of the previous years has actually brought them a deeper understanding of love, along with the realisation that without this love, they would have a very hard time surviving the Depression Plague.

“The video is more of a loose take on this theme. The little girl losing her father, the Perfect Being or soul that exists after and before life.”

Perfect Beings: Fictions