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Perfect Beings announce new album Vier

Perfect Beings

Perfect Beings have announced that they’ll release a new studio album early next year.

Titled Vier, it will arrive on January 19 via InsideOut. – and to mark the announcement, the band have released a snippet of A New Pyramid – the first part of Vier’s opening track Guedra.

Guitarist and bassist Johannes Luley says: “We are excited to share with you the opening salvo of our new album Vier – our most ambitious and adventurous work to date. Get ready for one hell of a ride.”

Luley is joined in the lineup by vocalist and pianist Ryan Hurtgen, keyboardist Jesse Nason and new drummer Sean Reinert.

The album artwork for Vier will be revealed in due course, but Perfect Beings have released the tracklist which is split into four compositions. See full details below.

Perfect Beings Vier tracklist

1.Guedra - 18:23
I. A New Pyramid
II. The Blue Lake of Understanding
III. Patience
IV. Enter the Center

2. The Golden Arc - 16:47

I. The Persimmon Tree
II. Turn the World Off
III. America
IV. For a Pound of Flesh

3. Vibrational – 18:17

I. The System and Beyond
II. Mysteries, Not Answers
III. Altars of the Gods
IV. Everywhere at Once
V. Insomnia

4. Anunnaki – 18:42

I. Lord Wind
II. Patterns of Light
III. A Compromise
IV. Hissing the Wave of the Dragon
V. Everything’s Falling Apart

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