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Panic Room to film London show for live release

Panic Room have announced a show at London’s Islington Assembly Hall on June 18.

It’ll be part of their Start The Sound tour, with Anne-Marie Helder and co planning on filming the set for a future DVD release.

Panic Room say in a statement: “This will be the band’s first live filming – despite intense demand from the fan base for years. But we wanted to do it properly – we’re total perfectionists and we never put out any half-arsed products.

“We’ve enlisted a chart-topping film company to work with us and capture this show.

“One of the reasons we’ve waited until now to release a live DVD is that we wanted to establish our official new lead guitarist Dave Foster. We feel it’s now the perfect time to immortalise the Panic Room live show.”

The group will launch a crowdfunding drive in the coming weeks to help the project become a reality and announce further details on the tour in due course.

Tickets for the Islington Assembly Hall show are available from the band’s website.