Oz post-metal crew Lo! unveil brilliant new video


While the focus on the ever-burgeoning Australian metal scene has been on the new crop of deathcore bands, there’s a lot more going on in the land of the naturally inverted cross, not least the sludge-weighted re-envisioning of metal by Sydney natives Lo!

Still fearlessly modern in their approach, the band’s knack for killer, spine-hijacking riffs, commanding grooves and knife-edge atmospheres that create space only to crush down upon you like the biblical Red Sea is evident all across their forthcoming EP, The Tongueless – released on Feb 13 via Pelagic Records, as a rather attractive coloured vinyl gatefold double seven-inch. But if you want to witness Lo!’s invention up close, we have an exclusive preview of the track Orca, in the form of one of the most striking videos we’ve seen for an age, and produced by bass player Adrian Shapiro. We’re not going to give to much away, other than to say Lo! prove what’s possible when you have talent, imagination, a simple but - in the truest sense of the word - brilliant idea and a ton of bright pink paint.

Watch the video below and be dazzled!

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And pre-order Lo!’s The Tongueless EP here!