Nickelback land knockout blow in Royal Blood Twitter spat

A pictyre of Chad Kroeger from Nickelback
Chad Kroeger (Image credit: Getty)

Nickelback had a great comeback for Royal Blood after they compared them to US presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

The much-maligned Canadian rock band have long been the butt of many jokes – they were even the subject of a one-man crowdfunding campaign launched in 2014 in a bid to block them from playing all London music venues.

But Nickelback have previously insisted that no amount of internet hate can match the harshness of the jokes they make about themselves – and this time, they gave as good as they got.

Following the televised debate between Trump and Clinton at the weekend, British two-piece Royal Blood say on Twitter: “Donald Trump + Hilary Clinton = Nickelback.”

Nickelback then respond: “Nickelback jokes are like Royal Blood – they were a lot cooler a couple of years ago. Don’t drink and tweet fellas. Stay safe.”

In March, a Finnish doctoral student published a research paper which attempted to find out why the band are so widely hated. It concluded that reviews of the band have worsened as the band have become more commercially successful over the years.

Nickelback will commence their UK tour this week.

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