New Nordic folk outfit Nebala introduce themselves with epic video for Laþu

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Former Heilung vocalist and Northman actor and singer Jonas Lorentzen launches new project Nebala with an epic video for Laþu, which you can watch in full below.

Laþu is taken from the upcoming Nebala debut album Lustuz Laþu Wōþuz Alu through ByNorse Music on July 29. Spearheaded by Lorentzen, Nebala also features Sebastian Gainsbourough (Vessel, The Northman), Kjell Braaten (Wardruna) as well as Doctor Mathias Nordvig (Professor of Pre-Christian Religion at CU Boulder) and Philosopher Naina Gupta (University of Kingston) assisting in the conceptual development.

Nebala in Proto-Germanic means 'the void' and the new album invites the listeners to dive into Old Norse Mythology.

“When you let yourself be taken by desire and lust, you will be consumed by what the ancient Germanic peoples called Laþu," explains Lorentzen. "The ancestor of our modern word “to let,” laþu suggests giving into natural desire and emotion. When Wōdan sought the deepest knowledge of the cosmos he had to brave the dangers of the deep caves in Hnitbjörg and let himself be taken by the desire of Gunlaþu, the forceful goddess of the underworld.”

Lustuz Laþu Wōþuz Alu will be available as CD digipack featuring an extensive 12-page booklet as well as limited black gatefold 2x12" vinyl. 

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(Image credit: ByNorse)

Nebala: Lustuz Laþu Wōþuz Alu
1. Alagabia
2. In Rauranī 
3. Safijan 
4. Skīnanārijaz 
5. Laþu 
6. Ant Mér Sjalfri Þér 
7. Mannz Gamana 
8. Surgō Sebō 
9. Blotha Huñaga Bolañan Alu 

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