Mediaeval Baebes offer up a very unusual Christmas album for 2020

Medaeval Baebes 2020 black and white shot
(Image credit: Mediaeval Baebes)

Mediaeval Baebes return with a new album this Christmas. Prayers Of The Rosary is out on December 4 and leader Katharine Blake describes it as having a “psychedelic plainsong vibe.”

Earlier this year, the vocal group made a pilgrimage to the spiritual town of Glastonbury to work on their 10th record. It’s their first release to include wholly original compositions.

The 12 tracks, composed by founding member Blake, are set to the Latin prayers of the Rosary and include instrumental contributions from Michael J York (The Utopia Strong/Coil) and Charlie Cawood (Knifeworld). They’re interwoven with field recordings from Glastonbury’s Chalice Well, Avebury’s stone circle and other sacred sites along the St Michael’s ley line.

Adds Blake, "During the wilderness months of 2020 I lived in Glastonbury, the ancient Isle of Avalon. Cloistered away from the troubles of the world, I drew on the enchantments of this uniquely inspiring place as I created the Mediæval Bæbes’ 10th studio album."

Meanwhile, the ensemble hope to return to the stage early next year with four socially distanced shows. The performances are currently lined up between February 4-6, 2021  at The Actor’s Church in London's Covent Garden.

Listen to Pater Noster below.

cover of Prayers Of The Rosary from Christmas 2020

(Image credit: Medaeval Baebes)