Marillion get rolling with free taxi rides to celebrate their new album

(Image credit: Anne-Marie Forker)

Marillion have come up with a novel idea to celebrate the release of their new album, An Hour Before It's Dark. Free taxi rides!

Fans of the British band should be on the lookout for a special fleet of black cabs in London that are emblazoned with the bold artwork from their latest record. They'll be driving around for capital for a two-week period between March 4 and March 14, 2022. If you flag one down and quote the password - "an hour before it's dark" - you'll get a free trip anywhere in London in exchange for a social media post either inside or next to the vehicle.

An Hour Before It's Dark is Marillion's long-awaited follow-up to 2016's critically acclaimed FEAR. Says vocalist Steve Hogarth of the meaning behind the new album's title, "I'm just saying to people, 'Go out and make things better.' Paint a picture, plant some flowers in the park, give a fiver to the local Big Issue seller. Just do something useful instead of sitting watching the box. Do something positive for the world." 

And maybe a free taxi ride will lead you down the right road?

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Marillion taxi

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