Malcolm Galloway releases video for epic new song Kites And Darts

Malcolm Galloway
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Hats Off Gentlemen It's Adequate singer/multi-instrumentalist/composer/producer Malcolm Galloway has released a video for an epic 13-minute new track Kites And Darts, which you can watch below.

It's taken from Galloway's upcoming solo album Patterns, which will be released through Glass Castle Recordings on August 12. As with much of Galloway's solo work, the new album, which leans towards classical and minimalist music, is a mixture of new music and a retrospective of some of Galloway's favourite tracks from his previous releases.

"This new track is named after a type of Penrose tiling," explains Galloway of Kites And Darts. "The idea of patterns that appear superficially to be symmetrical but on closer inspection are endlessly varying felt similar to what I am trying to achieve in some of my music, although the music doesn't specifically the maths.

"Most of these pieces are minimalist, in the sense of the bustling interaction of relatively simple material to form more complex emergent patterns, rather than in the sense of sparsity of sound. I have been greatly inspired by Steve Reich, a pioneer of this style of music. Although individual patterns may repeat, they are often juxtaposed with repeating patterns of different lengths, so although the sound may appear repetitive, very few bars are identical.

"I used to be a doctor (a neuropathologist) and medical school teacher. During my medical training, I spent a year doing a degree in developmental biology and neuroscience. I was very interested in how something as complex as the brain can develop given our limited number of genes. As in other areas of nature, the interaction of simple chemical gradients, and processes involving iterative feedback can produce remarkable complexity of form and function. These patterns in nature are an inspiration to me, and led to the title of this collection."

You can see the new album artwork and tracklisting for Patterns below.

Get Patterns.

Malcolm Galloway

(Image credit: Glass Castle Recordings)

Malcolm Galloway: Patterns
1. Kites And Darts
2. Pattern Juglers
3. Obling
4. Automatum A
5. Chemistry
6. Slow
7. Jewel Fsh
8. Spiral
9. Shelter
10. Lighthouse
11. Wasp-76b

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