Listen to new Toehider track How Do Ghosts Work?

Toehider's Mike Mills
Toehider's Mike Mills

Toehider have released a stream of their new track How Do Ghosts Work?.

It features on Australian multi-instrumentalist Mike Mills and graphic artist Andrew Saltmarsh’s upcoming album Good, which is set to arrive on October 19 via Bird’s Robe Records.

It’ll be Toehider’s third album and the 18th release overall in the past six years. Mills previously released 12 EPs in 12 months to kickstart the group’s career.

Mills says: “Making albums for me sort of feels like when the Cat In The Hat is balancing on that ball trying to hold on to all that crap. It’s a huge balancing act.

“I like putting crazy, funny stuff in music, but not too much so as to cross over into all-out comedy – and it’s hard to not tie the sound to a particular era of music.

“I don’t want it to sound modern or retro, but I hope to have it sit somewhere in-between those two extremes.”

Toehider previously released the track This Conversation Is Over, which can be heard along with How Do Ghosts Work? below.

Toehider will play this week’s Progpower in Baarlo, the Netherlands – taking the stage on Sunday just before Tesseract.

Toehider Good tracklist

  1. Good
  2. [funnythings]
  3. This Conversation Is Over
  4. Millions Of Musketeers
  5. How Do Ghosts Work?
  6. Dan Vs Egg
  7. I’ve Been So Happy Living Down Here In The Water
  8. It’s So Fikkis!