Lines in The Sky premiere new single Thalassophobia with Prog

Lines In The Sky

Nashville prog trio Lines In The Sky have premiered their brand new single Thalassophobia with Prog. You can hear the track below.

Thalassophobia (the fear of sea travel) represents a style of writing we have been keen on dipping our fingers into for some time," vocalist and guitarist Jesse Brock tells Prog. "We wanted a really moody and dark song to balance out some of the bounciness of our last record, Beacon.

"Moments are long in Thalassophobia. For me, I tried to make this evident in our transitions, and lots of juicy stuff happens in these sections.  We also applied as many textures as possible underneath the guitars. This was accomplished with some synth bass and different types of drum patterns to change up the palate.  

"Lyrically, Thalassophobia delves into the different facets of isolation and self doubt," he continues. "The objective elements of the sea, the shore, and the vessel are all familiar, yet their purposes in the lyric are subjective and intentionally obscure so that the listener can interpret his or her own meaning.  All of these ideas are portrayed as though the listener is stranded in the ocean, fearing the depths that may or may not be beneath the waves."

Thalassophobia is released on April. It is now available for preorder here.

Lines In The Sky

Jerry Ewing

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