Lambesis has ‘appalling agenda’

Former As I Lay Dying guitarist Nick Hipa has lashed back at the comments made by Tim Lambesis ahead of being jailed for trying to arrange the murder of his wife.

And he says Lambesis’ “slanderous” accusations have led to the remaining members of AILD becoming the subject of hatred – while all they’d tried to do was support his victims.

The vocalist was last week jailed for six years as a result of paying an undercover cop $1000 to begin work on killing spouse Meggan, with whom he’d adopted three children. Days before he heard his punishment, he told how he’d become a different person as a result of taking steroids, and how he accepted he’d never see his children again.

But Hipa has released his own statement, describing his former colleague’s words as a “facade” hiding an “appalling agenda.”

The guitarist says of Meggan: “I watched as she searched for the strength to behold her transgressor for the first time in over a year, since learning of his plot to have her murdered. I listened to her describe the love she once possessed for this man whom she adored, trusted, and depended on. I followed along as she detailed his abandonment of her and her children – a betrayal he failed to own but opted to blame on a lost sense of morality. This excuse became further excused by a defence that drug abuse had clouded his judgement.

“She attempted to rebuild a life with three young children apart from a man who viewed them as disposable. Her desire was to give them love and stability – his response was to have her executed.”

Hipa calls Lambesis’ description of his relationship with AILD as “absolute slander.” Instead of supporting the singer, he says, “I had spoken with him of how 100% of my heart and loyalty was directed in support towards his victims.”

He adds: “There is no contrition in his pseudo-philosophical jargon. In complete disregard for the truth as I’m certain he understands it, he opted to fabricate motives that describe us abandoning him as a callous business decision.

“The intent of his defamation is to create an air of sympathy and support under the false pretence of a forthcoming tell-all. Unfortunately this has worked to a degree, as many strangers have put effort into projecting hatred towards those of us who chose to defend the guiltless subjects of his crimes.

“It is regrettable that he utilised this platform as a means to justify his conduct. The prosecution of this case profiled him as a sociopathic narcissist, in definite need of rehabilitation.

“For those of us who truly know the man for who he is, it’s shameful that in spite of all, he is still as he ever was and just as they say.”

Hipa and the rest of AILD have formed Wovenwar, fronted by Shane Blay of Oh Sleeper fame.

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