KingBathmat offer free remaster


KingBathmat are offering the remastered edition of their album Gravity Field as a completely free download, after previously making it available for a limited time only.

The eight-track work originally appeared in 2009 and was remastered this year. Prog called the updated version “stoner grunge coupled with pummelling rhythms, lacerating riffs and a dizzy vocal – gobsmacking.”

It can be downloaded without charge from their Bandcamp page by choosing a name-your-price value of 0.

John Bassett’s outfit recently launched a video for the remastered version of Psychoanalyse.


  1. Lost Forever

  2. Paris Based Think Tank

  3. Psychoanalyze

  4. Sheeple

  5. Illuminati Apocalypse

  6. Chapter 322

  7. Dead Cat Bounce

  8. The Well Of Sorrow