Killer Be Killed will tour - Puciato

Supergroup Killer Be Killed will tour following their triumphant debut performances at Australia’s Soundwave festival, says Greg Puciato.

The Dillinger Escape Plan frontman loved every second of his first time playing alongside Max Cavalera, Mastodon’s Troy Sanders and Ben Koller of Converge. So they aim to perform again towards the end of 2015 – although they’re not sure where the shows will take place.

Puciato admits he wasn’t expecting the response the band received – and he hadn’t realised the impact their 2014 self-titled debut album had made.

He tells The Metal Hammer Magazine Show at Soundwave: “When you put out a record and it’s not your main band, it’s almost like you’re dropping a bomb – and you don’t look back to see whether it hit anybody. By the time the record came out I was already on another Dillinger tour. I never stopped to pay attention.

“When we were told there was an offer to do Soundwave I was like, ‘No one is going to care – there will be ten Dillinger superfans, ten Mastodon superfans and ten Max Cavalera superfans. There’s going to be 30 people watching us.”

But that wasn’t the case. “To have been a festival where it was packed and tons of people knew the lyrics, it was one of the more special experiences I’ve had,” says the vocalist.

“It’s been 14 years since I played a first show with a band. That alone was a special, incredible thing – even if there had been 30 people there.”

And as a result, the members took time to compare schedules before they went their separate ways. Puciato reports: “We figured out we’re all free October and November. We want to go back to Australia, go to New Zealand, see if we can go to the UK, look at Brazil, Mexico…

“We can’t do all that, so we’re going to send an email to our agent and say, ‘Figure out how to make as many of them happen as possible.’”

Metal Hammer provided extensive Soundwave coverage all last week. Stay tuned to The Metal Hammer Magazine Show this week for even more coverage.

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