Green Isac Orchestra release new video for Don Progini

Green Isac Orchestra
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Norwegian prog quintet Green Isac Orchestra have released a new video for the seven-minute song Don Progini. It's taken from the band's most recent album b a r which was released through Spotted Peccary Music last November.

b a r is the second release by the band since bolstering their line-up beyond the initial duo of Morten Lund and Andreas Eriksen, who have been working together as Green Isac for the past 25 years. In 2015 the band became a quintet, the Green Isac Orchestra.

"Green Isac Orchestra is the extension of the duo Green Isac," Lund explains. "It was put together in order to play live versions of Green Isac material, but soon the band started to make new music. Minimalist and ambient were the core ideas in the beginning, but on b a r there are several hints to prog."

"Typically a small theme, rhythm, or soundscape is presented as a start point, and then the arrangements are made in rehearsals until we feel we are ready for recording." adds Eriksen. "It has been quite refreshing working together as a group in this way, and we have really been focused on listening and responding to each other. Hopefully this reflects in the music and makes it more alive."

The band have drawn comparisons with Eno, Tortoise, and King Crimson, as well as the minimalism of Steve Reich and Nik Bärtsch.

Get b a  r.

Green Isac Orchestra

(Image credit: Spotted Peccary Music)

Green Isac Orchestra: b a r
01. Volcanic
02. Le Grand Sportif
03. With Hat
04. Don Progini
05. Aarwaaken
06. Without Hat

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