Eulogy premiere new video for Doubt Shadows


Professional racket makers Eulogy are premiering their new slab of intensity exclusively with Metal Hammer.

Taken from from the band’s Eternal Worth EP, Doubt Shadows was the first song Eulogy wrote for the new record.

“Lyrically, it’s about fighting against worldly expectations and negative influences in order to better yourself,” says guitarist Alex Heffernan.

“Around the time we were looking to shoot a video for Doubt Shadows, I was visiting my parents’ house and became engrossed in looking through all of my old CDs. One thing I really loved about buying metal CDs in the early noughties was that they often came with really cool extras or EPKs that loaded if you popped them into a computer.”

“When it came to ideas regarding our own physical EP release,” Alex continues. “I wanted to bring in some quasi-hidden aspects to combat all the instant and expected gratification you find in modern music. We initially intended to have a hidden code in the vinyl lead you to a video of us playing the whole record in our practice space. We shot the whole thing but technicalities led to the project being scrapped. I re-cut the footage and tried to incorporate themes of outsiders observing us (the TV screens) while we played.”

Eternal Worth is out now, via Holy Roar.