Etsy is up to 60% off this Cyber Weekend and there's some surprisingly good deals for vinyl lovers

Record holder from Etsy
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Black Friday? Forget about it – it's all about Cyber Monday music deals now, and that's certainly the case over with Etsy (opens in new tab), where they're offering up to 60% off hundreds of items, as well as free shipping thrown in from many of their sellers. 

Etsy – if you're not familiar with it – is essentially a folksy version of Amazon. Instead of Jeff Bezos, it's run by a Scandinavian man whittling finely crafted wooden pegs with his bare hands. Probably.

now £56.23 (opens in new tab)

Rustic "Now Playing" Record Stand. Was £74.98, now £56.23 (opens in new tab)
The ultimate unnecessary but completely brilliant accessory for any vinyl nut. The stand comes in a variety of timbers, and there's a remote control LED version for multi-coloured experimentation.   

One area where it's surprisingly strong is for vinyl lovers. There's not much to write home about actual record-wise – but don't worry, because we have you covered with our up to date Cyber Monday vinyl deals page for that – but there is a lot to choose from when it comes to good quality vinyl storage and decor for your home.

While Black Friday might be winding down, the Cyber Monday deals are just getting started – head on over to our Cyber Monday music deals page for the latest on what's hot (and going cheap).

A few of our favourite Etsy picks are below, but you can check out the full sale on their official site (opens in new tab).

now £292.50 (opens in new tab)

Scandinavian Style Record Player Table: was £325, now £292.50 (opens in new tab)
To be honest, we think this is gorgeous. Handmade from birch plywood, the top section of the unit has two cut-outs which can store more than 100 records. 

, now £130 (opens in new tab)

Metal Record Holder: Was £145, now £130 (opens in new tab)
Made from 4mm thick steel, this metal record holder provides storage space for up to 40 LPs. Weighing in at 6KG it's a truly industrial bit of kit, and comes with finely crafted edging detail and professional paint-work.

, now £197.20 (opens in new tab)

Wall Mounted Vinyl Storage: Was £232, now £197.20 (opens in new tab)
Pretend you're in a record shop in your own home by displaying your prize vinyl on the wall. Your guests will assume you're on the cutting edge of music in a way they never previously did.  

, now £112.80 (opens in new tab)

Vinyl storage stand: was £141, now £112.80 (opens in new tab)
A genuine period piece, this green and black vinyl storage stand was made in the 1960s in West Germany, and while it might look like a glorified toast rack, in the right kind of room it'll look great.  

, now £282.22 (opens in new tab)

Turntable Cabinet: was £313.58, now £282.22 (opens in new tab)
Handmade from reclaimed wood (no rubbishy MDF or chipboard), this turntable stand looks great, and will lend a level of natural sexiness to your listening room.  

, now £179.99 (opens in new tab)

Rattan magazine rack: Was £199.99, now £179.99 (opens in new tab)
These mid-century rattan racks seem to be all the rage for record storage at the moment, and this classic bamboo/rattan design will brighten any classic listening room. 

Dokken Autographed Guitar: £5,483.69 (opens in new tab)

Dokken Autographed Guitar: £5,483.69 (opens in new tab)
No, it isn't a vinyl accessory. And no, it hasn't been discounted. But we don't care! Look it! It's an ESP Skull & Bones guitar that's been signed by Dokken's George Lynch! And it comes with a certificate of authenticity!

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