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EMP’s massive Cyber Monday sale in now on - save 20% across the range

EMP Cyber Monday sale
(Image credit: EMP/Future)

As we continue to delve into the Cyber Monday music deals, EMP have now got into the action by launching their massive 20% off sale (opens in new tab).

Adding the code BW20 at checkout will automatically add the discount – and that means you can grab items such as this exclusive AC/DC (opens in new tab) Power Up zipped hoodie for £40.79 rather than the £50.99 (opens in new tab) it usually costs. 

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AC/DC: Power Up Hoodie: Was £50.99, now £40.79 with code (opens in new tab)
Celebrate AC/DC's brilliant new album with this striking hoodie. It's exclusive to EMP and you can get 20% off the usual price by adding the code BW20 at checkout.

So many items have been discounted that it’s hard to keep up! We suggest typing in the name of an artist and searching from there to make life easier – just remember there are plenty of non-band related items for sale too. We’ve also picked out a handful of our favourite items below to help steer you in the right direction.

While the majority of EMP’s stock is discounted using the code, it should be noted that “books, media, Rammstein, Böhse Onkelz, Lego, vouchers, tickets and all items with a donation included in the price are excluded” from the Cyber Monday sale, but even so, there are stacks and stacks of items up for grabs.

EMP are also offering 50% off their Backstage Club (opens in new tab). Get in now, and your first year will cost just £4.95. That means you’ll have access to free delivery, limited edition bundles, freebies, promotions and more.

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Iron Maiden long-sleeve shirt: £41.99, now £33.59, save £8.40 (opens in new tab)
Use the code BW20 and you’ll get £8.40 off the RRP on this Trooper-inspired hockey-style shirt. It’s part of EMP’s Signature Collection so you won’t find it anywhere else

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Metallica Winter Jacket: £138.99, now £111.19, save £27.80 (opens in new tab)
Another of EMP’s Signature Collection is this Metallica-branded jacket that’ll keep you warm and toasty over the winter. Save £27.80 by using the code BW20 at checkout

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Guns N’ Roses t-shirt: £18.99, now £15.19, save £3.80 (opens in new tab)
A classic Guns N’ Roses t-shirt featuring the famous Appetite For Destruction skull and cross design. Timeless and a great way to show off your GNR love. Use the code BW20 for the discount.

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Babymetal Pixel Tokyo t-shirt: £18.99, now £15.19, save £3.80 (opens in new tab)
We love this Babymetal t-shirt which depicts the trio in full 8-bit retro graphics. You can save £3.80 on the price right now by using the code BW20.

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Slipknot Blurry t-shirt: £16.99, now £13.59, save £3.40 (opens in new tab)
This classic Slipknot design celebrating All Hope Is Gone features the band logo on the front and back. You can save a few quid by entering the code BW20 at the checkout.

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