Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, Stones top rock earning list

The Eagles, Fleetwood Mac and the Rolling Stones were the biggest-earning rock artists of 2015.

They’re joined by Paul McCartney and the Foo Fighters on analysts Forbes’ annual income list.

The Eagles are said to have made $73.5 during the past 12 months – although the figure only puts them fifth in the wider music business chart.

Pop star Katy Perry took $135m, boy band One Direction generated $130m and country artist Garth Brooks cleared $90m.

Forbes say: “The Eagles haven’t had a No.1 single in 10 years, but the 57 shows they played in our scoring period helped them edge younger names like Justin Timberlake and Lady Gaga.

“Long after the peak of popularity, Fleetwood Mac are still rocking. The group’s On With The Show tour boasted a staggering secondary ticket price of over $300 – the highest of any act at one point this year.

The Stones continue to be a top-earning act after a half-century together. Though they only played 22 shows in our scoring period, the size of stadiums they played allowed them to out-earn Ed Sheeran, who performed seven times as many dates.”

Forbes’ top-earning rock acts of 2015

  1. Eagles: $73.5m
  2. Fleetwood Mac: $59.5m
  3. Rolling Stones: $57.5m
  4. Paul McCartney: $51.15m
  5. Foo Fighters: $38m

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