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Download our awesome FREE Lords Of The Riff Vol. 2 Sampler!

Next month, the very foundations of this sceptred isle will be shaking, as Metal Hammer and Classic Rock join forces to present the second Lords Of The Riff tour, a triple rock attack featuring three monstrously heavy riff machines.

Coming to a town near you from November 5 will be the triple threat of Anti-Mortem, Lionize and Kyng, caving in skulls for just 10 of your British pounds (tickets available here (opens in new tab)). With a rotating line-up taking you from the redneck rock of Anti-Mortem to the groove-laden Lionize to the stoned-out riffage of Kyng it’s a veritable riff riot. What more could you want? Free music you say? Oh, well, we’ve got that covered too…

In conjunction with the good people at Nuclear Blast Records, we’ve got a beast of a compilation for you, featuring not just the aforementioned Anti-Mortem, Lionize and Kyng, but also thunderous riffage from Sweden’s Blues Pills, Austin, Texas’ Crobot, Dublin’s Wounds, US metalcore brawlers All That Remains and more. It’s a SERIOUSLY heavy compendium of all that’s great about our scene and it’s yours for zero pennies, nada, zilch. So what’cha waiting for?


You can buy tickets for what promises to be one of the finest rock/metal tours of 2014 here (opens in new tab). Check out the full list of dates below.